Beyond outer beauty

“Personal beauty is a greater recommendation than any letter of reference” said Aristotle.

What is your personal style? What recommends you? If your friends should describe you in one word, what would they say about you?

In a world where everything around us is built on beauty ideals, are you still aware of your own style? What defines your beauty? What about your character? Are you a beautiful person? Are you just a representation of an ideal or something more?

While chasing after illusions, better looks, trying to meet the standards imposed by society, you forget that beauty has more to do with a natural, neat and pleasant look. Your beauty is not about having the perfect face and body. Your beauty is not about the inches around your waist, nor in the amount of highlight on the cheeks. Beauty means being yourself.

I know it sounds cliché but beauty does come from the inside. When you are at peace with yourself and everyone around you, when your mind and soul are honest, when your conscience is pure and God’s values are your guide, when friendship is important – beauty blooms on the inside and on the outside. Similarly, inner beauty is more lasting than the physical one.

Your main concern shouldn’t be that your legs are not long enough, or that your eyes are not blue enough, or your body too skinny. Instead you should you pay equal attention to your inside as well as your outside.

Develop your skills, help others, be grateful, smile and be in a good mood – these attitudes can change your appearance! Forgiveness, acceptance, peace of mind require no concealer. Because your glow will burst from within!

I advise you give up on those colors that cover up your face, darken your eyes and restrain your smile.

There's nothing wrong with paying attention to your physical appearance, but if you focused on your inner beauty just as much as on your outer one, you would find a lot more success.

Rebrand your inner self and let your smiles and positive attitude lighten up your face and those around you.

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November 3, 2021 16:27 Sbusisiwe
This message is so relevant in today's society. So motivational!❤️
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