Seven signs that you are too busy

If you haven’t eaten at home in a while, if talking to your best friends has been limited to a simple summary of the day, if you feel trapped in a constant state of anxiety that only increases in front of your daily planner - you need to accept that something is definitely wrong.

I have reasons to believe that lately you haven’t been taking the time to analyze your activities, feelings, decisions, relationships, and how well you manage them. So I invite you to take few moments and have a sincere discussion with yourself.

Perhaps, like me, you will find that a busy planner can lead to frowning wrinkles. I suppose you don’t want those.

Here are some of my personal conclusions:

1. You are too busy if you haven’t been finding the time to reward yourself with a little treat once in a while.
For example, the clothes you wear may be comfortable, but if you leave the house wearing the same shirt, sweater, trousers or hairstyle every day, it's time to ask yourself if you have enough time for daily care.

2. You are too busy if you don’t remember when the last time was you had a heartfelt conversation with your best friend.
Yes, you talk to each other often. But talking is not the same as exchanging emotions, sharing ideas, thoughts, making plans.

3. You are too busy if you are not aware of at least one activity that your family, parents or siblings have done in the last week.
If there’s a small child in your extended family and you haven’t heard their latest funny quote, believe me, that’s a big loss for your good mood.

4. You are too busy if you haven’t read any books from your professional field in recent months.
Continuous education and training are the basis for progress. Sometimes you may not have the time to attend specialization courses in your country or abroad, but a good book is always a wise option to keep yourself “in shape” professionally.

5. You are too busy if you try to limit your interactions with others to the information you need from them.
Exchange your ideas with others and listen to their suggestions. You might get inspired!

6. You are too busy if your last photo in a natural landscape was taken a month ago.
Maybe you think I'm exaggerating. Let's think about it: where do you find the biggest source of health if not in nature? You know it's not a joke that being outdoors for a few hours refreshes your creativity.

7. You are too busy if you don’t have even the slightest idea of what God thinks about you.
Do you know what God wants from you in the following year? Do you think that He has a special plan for you? When you face a decision, do you also consider God’s point of view?

If you think happiness is the result of controlling your image, activities, resources, and family, you’re only deceiving yourself. Here’s some food for thought: if you accept that God keeps you in the palms of His hands, that He fulfills your needs, wouldn’t you be happier and more free?

Don’t you think you complicate your life too often with trivial problems, keep your mind busy, and fill your time with things that bring nothing but emptiness to your soul?

For all these reasons, I challenge you to write down what you think is preventing you from living the best life you can. Finding your problem areas is already half the battle!

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July 31, 2021 07:22 Seth Ijiko
Thanks for the light in our buzy, boring life. How can we escape the buzy life trap.
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