About us

Youth Alive is a program designed to build resilience among teens and young adults by equipping them to make healthy choices. Through the Youth Alive Program teens can better understand their gifts and their purpose.

Many today are trapped, becoming enslaved by addictions such as alcohol, tobacco, drugs, pornography, gaming, media. Youth Alive focuses on nurturing relationships that build resilience against these at-risk behaviors that plague young people around the world.

Youth Alive promotes a healthy, purpose-driven life for any teen seeking to live a fulfilling life free from addictions and emotional pain.

The Youth Alive theme is: MY CHOICE, FULLY ALIVE!!

The Youth Alive Motto is:

Healthy Youth Connected for Service

The Youth Alive offers:
  • Conference or Camps
  • Service and mission opportunities
  • Local Youth Alive Clubs where everyone is included, accepted and respected
  • Friendship Group Meetings where youth can learn play and be inspired
  • App and online access to classes, articles, books and blogs discussing topics related to physical, mental, emotional, social, financial, and spiritual health and well-being.

Here is what teens have said about Youth Alive

I know that I did drugs because of a lack of security and love and a need to belong. And I found that in my druggie circle, but it wasn’t what I was really looking for. What I was lacking was God and support. And that’s exactly what I get at the Youth Alive Program. (American)

We felt so accepted by the group. If we had attended a program like this, we would most probably not have become addicts. (A group of youth from Shanti-Sadan Center of Addiction Recovery, India)

I personally feel that there was a lot, Thank you very much. (Philippino)


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