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Youth Alive Encourages Health Workers

March 8, 2022 18:21

On February 12, 2022, Youth Alive Participants of the Youth Alive Conference at Collonges could not contain their gratitude and admiration for healthcare workers during the pandemic. After hearing how staff and leaders at the La Ligniere clinic extended healing to many, they crafted beautiful thank you cards with words of encouragement shared along with some gifts to all the staff and health workers at the clinic. Healthy youth committed for service was a lived experience for participants of this Youth Alive Conference in France. Watch the videos and check out the pictures from this experience at the Instagram @youthfullyalive or on the youth alive portal facebook page.

Youth Alive Mental Health Talks

September 20, 2021 18:05

During this pandemic and post-pandemic, many youth and young adults are struggling with their mental health. The Mental Health Talks were launched to provide a safe space for conversations among youth and young adults about the struggles they are facing. Please tune in and share the Talks with your friends. Check the mental health page for links or go to youtube and search for "Youth Alive Channel."

Youth Alive Webinar for leaders

November 10, 2020 13:52

A Youth Alive webinar is planned for Monday, 16 November, starting at 1700 GMT/ 1800 CET/ 19.00 EET time. 

Introducing Spiritual Topics into a Youth Group (Delmar Reis)

‘How Teens Tick’ – What’s Happening in a Teenager’s Brain? (Karen Holford)

Join Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 859 8871 3792
Passcode: 283921

Workshop for Youth Alive leaders

October 26, 2020 13:17

Workshop for Youth Alive leaders in November

Why should youth care for their health? Would you like to learn skills to lead youth alive groups? A series of workshops will be hosted by the trans-european division (TED) in November. Join the leaders portal to access more information or send a message on the contact us link.

Monday, 2 November (1700 - 1900 GMT/1800 – 2000 CET)

How to help youth to live a healthy life (Helgi Jónsson)

Why should young people be concerned for their health? Get answer to this and other questions about your own health.

Tips for facilitating a group discussion (Zlatko Musija)

What are the important principles in facilitating Youth Alive friendship groups? Learn great tips from an experienced Youth leader.

Monday, 16 November (1700 - 1900 GMT/1800 – 2000 CET)

"How to speak about spiritual things in a friendship group" (Delmar Reis)

"How to think like a teenager"  (Viktorija and Roberta)

Zoom Link:

Facebook live on

Youth Alive Albania News!

March 5, 2020 16:13

Albania leaders open the first Youth Alive Hope center in the city of Korça in February 2020. They are looking forward to having regular programs that will benefit the youth of the city. This Youth Alive center will provide classes, courses, friendship group meetings and also worship and learning opportunities. Well done Youth Alive Albania!


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