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Youth Alive comes to Botswana!

February 10, 2020 17:22

On August 26-31, 2019 a Youth Alive Training and Conference came to Maun, Botswana.  Youth, health, and family Ministries leaders from various Countries joined youth leaders for the facilitator’s training and conference. Specialists presented topics on physical, mental, spiritual well-being. Teen and  young adult participants learned about how to establish healthy relationships without abuse; the risk of addictions such as substances, technology, and pornography; and the psychological, physiological, and spiritual symptoms that result from risky behaviors. Small groups, called “Friendship Groups,” were formed were youth and adults mentors discussed youth relevant topics, played games, worshipped together, served the community, and also listened and prayed for each other’s struggles. “This is the best program for our youth,” said pastor Gresham Mlilo, Union Youth Director from Zimbabwe. “Our young people are going through traumatic experiences and addictions. They need this Youth Alive program.” Let's keep the movement growing!

Lithuania, here we come!

February 10, 2020 17:14

In Klaipeda, Lithuania, youth and adult mentors got together on August 18-25, 2019 for an unforgetable Youth Alive program. Besides the seminars, games, and deep conversations, they all served the community also. One of the Youth Alive friendship groups visited a retirement home and held a concert in the backyard, which warmed the hearts of the elderly residents. Other groups went to the city center offering to exchange apples for cigarettes and inviting people for a Breathe-Free stop smoking program. Young adult leader Danetta from Swansea church in Wales who attended the Lithuanian Youth Alive Facilitator training, shared “this YA event was transformational for me.” She returned to her home church and launched Youth Alive with the support of her pastor and two other leaders. The movement is growing!

Youth Alive is Launched in Albania

February 10, 2020 17:04

Albania welcomed the Youth Alive training and conference in Tirana on August 13-25, 2019. “I liked everything; it was super fun. I learned about sexuality, depression, how to be happy, and how to choose the right things,” said Joana Hallkaj, a 13-year-old participant. Leo N. España, president of the Albanian Mission and spiritual leader of the Tirana Central Adventist church noted, “I enjoyed seeing our young people build bonds through their friendship groups and pray for each other.” “This is a great way to connect with the needs of youth,” said Juliana Ortolan, project leader in Korçë, Albania. In the months that followed, youth that were trained started meeting regularly through friendship groups. "Youth Alive has been an amazing experience for all the youth in Albania," said Euxhenia Bregasi, who became a youth alive youth facilitator. She added, "I am thankful to God for this program because it has blessed my own friends and loved ones who participated with me." 

Inter-America Leaders Plan for Youth Alive Launch

July 10, 2019 00:18

On May 21-23, 2019, Inter-America leaders presented the Youth Alive program during the Division Youth Ministries Advisory at their headquarters in Miami, Florida. Union Youth directors and administrators were enthusiastic about planning for YA training and conferences in their territories. GC YM associate directors Pako Mokgwane, Andre Peralta, along with YA Global Coordinator and Health Ministries associate director Dr. Katia Reinert, joined them for the occasion. "This program will be a blessing to many youth in our region" said Pastor Al Powell, YM Director for IAD, "we are looking forward to support the Unions interested in training." Stay tuned for the first YA Training and Conference in 2020 for Inter-America!

The Youth Alive App is out!

June 27, 2019 22:19

Download the free Youth Alive app on android or iOS today and start accessing free books, courses, graphics, blogs and articles relevant for your your whole health and well-being. 


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