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7 June Youth Alive

Letter from a Senior to a Junior Devil

Have you ever imagined devils as monsters who gobble down souls roasted in a furnace and who find that hard-to-get souls, like the souls of saints, for example, are the best delicacies?  And what...

7 June Youth Alive

Jesus - The son of God?

Throughout history, Jesus was and remains a controversial person. A symbol of faith, a myth, a man that couldn’t be understood, a revolutionary, or a philosopher: these are just some of the interpretations...

7 June Youth Alive

The Death of Ivan Ilyich

We’re alive. We all exist, and we think that’s nothing short of ordinary. We live life as if it belonged to us, as if it’s our right. We’re so focused on the present moment, the...


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18 July Youth Alive
7 June Youth Alive
7 June Youth Alive
7 June Youth Alive


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