18 July Youth Alive

A guide to better understand and accept suffering

One of the most sensitive subjects, one of the issues that marks any human being without exception, is that of suffering, of pain and loss. Many people have tried to explain this topic and many books have...

7 June Youth Alive

Talking to Anne

Major literary works always carry with them a “baggage” the reader has to sort out, if he dares to read them. Ready-made opinions and prejudices make works like this difficult to approach. Anne...

7 June Youth Alive

Studies about love. The philosopher and the art of love as science

The book of Spanish philosopher Jose Ortega Y Gasset is a breath of fresh air. Regardless of how you get to it, you will discover that it is a book waiting to be explored. Of course, the experience of...

7 June Youth Alive

Man’s Search for Meaning

There are plenty of books about the meaning of life, but when the book is written by a man who has survived concentration camps during the Second World War and who lost his family in circumstances that...

7 June Youth Alive

Letter from a Senior to a Junior Devil

Have you ever imagined devils as monsters who gobble down souls roasted in a furnace and who find that hard-to-get souls, like the souls of saints, for example, are the best delicacies?  And what...

7 June Youth Alive

Fern-Seed and Elephants and Other Essays on Christianity

C. S. Lewis' essays draw on two main sources: the Irish author's own concerns about his religion and the challenges generated by the public confrontation between Christianity and the various anti-Christian...


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