5 June Youth Alive

Innocence in a world of ignorance. The boy in the striped pajamas

John Boyne's book The boy in the striped pajamas depicts a superficial world in which the clothes make the man, military rank is above the family’s well being, and the Fury's orders clash...

5 June Youth Alive

How to love?

When it comes to love and relationships, much can be said or written. Probably one of the most discussed subjects, love is an integral part of everyday life. We find it at each step, either in romantic,...

22 January Youth Alive

The Return of the Prodigal Son: A story of Homecoming

I discovered Henri J.M. Nouwen - or, better said, I was helped to discover him - when I was an undergraduate and one of our teachers told us about Nouwen’s writings, describing them as brief, yet...

22 January Youth Alive

Adam and Eve on a deserted island. La Tortue Rouge

La Tortue Rouge is one of the most beautiful cartoons of recent years and a serious candidate for the list of the best cartoons of all time... of animation. A story of a Robinson Crusoe, this might...

22 January Youth Alive

5 reasons for reading War and Peace

War and Peace, the masterpiece of Russian writer Lev Tolstoy, is considered one of the most impressive and important novels of universal literature. It appears on one of the top places in any novels’...


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