Boys like girls with accessories

What type of girls do boys like? How does the ideal girl look like? What can I do to have more boys like me? These are questions that almost every girl has asked herself at a certain moment, while looking into the mirror.

Perhaps a man should have written this article, but I dare say I can guess what boys like about girls: accessories.

Whether you’re blonde, brunette, redhead, whether you’re chubby or you have long legs, whether you’re more voluptuous or have a slimmer body, whether you have straight or curly hair, glasses or not, whether you prefer the natural beauty or you use cosmetics – none of these make a difference. There is no accounting for boys’ tastes. For each boy, there’s other beauty pattern. My husband says that, with regards to physical appearance, there are no beautiful or ugly women, only women who take care of themselves and women who do not. And this is how the same person can positively charm you with her appearance at a certain moment and leave you completely indifferent on other occasions.

Don’t tell me that you have never asked yourself what X liked about your colleague and how come that Y, who is not the most beautiful friend of yours, is always surrounded by suitors. For sure you have wondered how is it possible that Z, who is so elegant, model-shaped and above average intelligence, is still single. Especially if your are that Miss Z. There were a few times I asked myself these questions too and I came to realize what some girls have and others lack. Accessories can make all the difference.

Which are some accessories that a girl can wear to make herself more attractive?

When we talk about accessories, it means they do not appear automatically or that they can be enforced in someone’s life. Instead, these are the things that you choose to wear with everything already given to you. Let’s say that height, eye color, body shape, voice, or even social status, are things that, for the most part, cannot be changed. What you can change is how you accessorize them.

For starters, you can choose to wear a smile. You’ll never fail with it. You can choose beautiful, elegant words. You can choose a serene and dignified attitude. These can make the difference between two similar physical beauties. Yes, it is true that boys like girls who wear accessories. We’re talking about a harmonious body, trimmed nails, hairless legs, clothes chosen carefully depending on time and place, an adequate hairstyle, a fine scarf, an attractive perfume, colorful shoes. For all of these, we need time, investment, taste. But boys also like other accessories. A girl speaking several languages or one who drives safely, a girl who’s not a technophobe, a girl speaking about unusual life experiences or one who does not roll back her eyes when it comes to making a soup – all of these will surely draw a boy’s attention. Boys like girls who can wear both heels and sport shoes to the top of the mountain. Boys like girls who have in their purses colourful lip-gloss, but who can also go swimming without being afraid of smudging their make-up. Boys like girls wearing other accessories too: a book or, better said, what she’s learnt from it, a diploma or more correctly, what she has learnt from those classes.

Heavy accessories, ones that don’t strike you at first, would be a professional qualification, a clear direction in life, well defined priorities. You might think boys do not look for these. Oh, but they do! Maybe not on the first date, but later on, they will look for those, too. There are so many things that distinguish girls. Even the beautiful ones from the most beautiful ones. A smart word, a good joke, common sense, decision-making skills – all these are the accessories that make a difference between people.

Do you want boys to like you? Wear the right accessories, at the right time. Learn when to highlight one accessory and when the other. Because if you boast your ability to walk on heels at a picnic, if you make a joke when everyone around you is keeping a moment of silence or if you count your diplomas while visiting relatives from the countryside, then your accessories become kitsch.

Choose the right accessories, wear them according to the context, improve them and invest in those that you can wear at anytime and anywhere. Besides the above, a mandatory accessory, which increases beauty and adds value to a person, is embodied by moral principles. When someone is known for their way of being, consistently good no matter the situation, they reflect credibility and earn the admiration of those around.

In the book of Proverbs - Chapter 31, the Bible offers the example of a wise woman, who is admired by everyone and loved by her husband. She is hard working, has a good reputation among the others, “opens her arms to the poor”, “is clothed with strength and dignity”, concluding that a wife (or woman in general) of noble character is “worth far more than rubies”.

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May 11, 2022 15:56 Mxolisi Christopher Mancayi
This is very informative and might be helpful to our youth .
July 9, 2021 19:03 Chikutukutu Mazvita Ropafadzo
Thank you.
July 22, 2019 03:27 Fely Rose
This is really inspiring. At first I thought this was about wearing jewelry and cosmetics, but as I read further I knew I thought wrong. It's so inspiring and thank you for this.
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