What are you spending your money on?

We live in a society undergoing an economic expansion, designed by, developed and based on consumerism.

In all fields, there is huge technological progress. Day and night, factories of the world produce around the clock. Around us, everything is manufactured on industrial scale and consumed accordingly.

All fields of human activity have a single common purpose: to earn money. It seems that money is the fuel of society, this giant engine for consuming and producing. Things surround us at every step, they challenge us, tempt us and make us more prone to consume. People suffer to work more hours to earn more in a desperate attempt to keep up with social trends. They become slaves to money and to society’s vices. They are ruled by consumption. So can we be happy without free will?

Caught in between the daily routine, the endless responsibilities and all the news bombarding you, you are not given the space to be happy. French writer and diplomat François-René de Chateaubriand once said: “True happiness costs little; if it is expensive, it is not of a superior kind.”

More and more people complain about the lack of time, money, or personal accomplishment. Many family and social problems stem from the way we think of and use money. We are directly responsible for our finances. Often, the things we buy prove useless the minute we get home. We are overwhelmed by commercials encouraging addiction wrapped in shiny packaging. The temptation to buy rubbish is so inviting, especially when it comes to food.

Knowing that you bought something you didn’t need can be much more disappointing than not having the money to buy something you do need.

That is why you should forget about expensive habits and learn to save for worthy things or experiences.

Save money to travel, because the freedom of travelling opens up your mind to unlimited possibilities. It changes you, inspires you, makes you feel alive.

Save money for a good book. You will never feel you wasted money when you read a memorable story.

Invest your money in healthy food. Buy fruits and vegetables.

Instead of buying three T-shirts that fade after one wash, buy one of higher quality.

Use your money to collect memories, not things.

Then, you will be truly rich.

The Bible also points out this conclusion in the book of Matthew: “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”. Remember that you only live once and you should really try to make it best out of this experience. Be present in a way that you’ll feel content and proud of yourself. Don’t follow that same daily routine of struggling to make and spend money.

I dare you to try and discover that life has so much more to offer you than that!

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