A dreamy silhouette for a light heart

The beginning of a new year is a challenge. We feel cheerful, ready to work, as January brings along renewed motivation. And perhaps, in a certain way, yes, we grow wings of hope. Because the power of dreaming never disappears. Where there are dreams, there will always be accomplishments.

In order to grow wings, some dream to have a light body, at first. But no matter how hard they try to ignore their cravings for chocolate, pizza or fast food, they don’t quite succeed. Miracles do not happen overnight. If the clothes we’re wearing today are feeling a bit tight, they will not become loose by tomorrow.

But I have good news! Within about three week’s time, we can develop healthier eating habits to last us our entire lives. If we are faithful to these changes, in return we will be rewarded with a perfect figure, a light heart and a clear mind.

Nutritionist Marton Tunde said in an interview: "You must leave your comfort zone. This means buying fresh food, preparing it under optimal conditions and combining foods correctly.”

We are responsible for our bodies! Ellen G. White writes: “Our bodies are built up from the food we eat. There is a constant breaking down of the tissues of the body; every movement of every organ involves waste, and this waste is repaired from our food. Each organ of the body requires its share of nutrition. The brain must be supplied with its portion; the bones, muscles, and nerves demand theirs. It is a wonderful process that transforms the food into blood and uses this blood to build up the varied parts of the body” (Diet and Health, p.295).

Also, the Bible reveals important advice on both physical and spiritual health. The basic ingredients for a balanced lifestyle are given from the very beginning of creation: “God said: I have given you every herb that yields seed, every tree whose fruit yields seed”.

This is what I have been trying to do too. I have decided to follow some nutritional rules, so for the past half year I have been experimenting a new dietary lifestyle. Thanks to these changes, I have lost almost 9 kg in three months. It was pleasant, fun, and creative.  

What does it mean to correctly combine food groups?

What we ate with such great delight on New Year’s Eve was an example of a nuclear disaster: meat, cheese, potatoes, mayonnaise, bread, sweets and fruit at the same table. Let’s see what the right menu would look like.

There are a few rules I applied which can certainly bring you multiple benefits:

Here is the example of a menu that will help us achieve the silhouette we dream about

We combine correctly:

1. meat with vegetables, root vegetables, aromatic herbs and salads

2. eggs with vegetables, root vegetables, aromatic herbs and salads

3. fish with vegetables, root vegetables, aromatic herbs and salads

4. cheeses with vegetables, root vegetables, aromatic herbs and salads

5. bread, polenta or pasta with: vegetables, root vegetables, aromatic herbs and salads

6. rice, beans, soy, potatoes, peas, lentil, chickpeas, cereals with: vegetables, root vegetables, aromatic herbs and salads

7. nuts, peanuts, seeds have a neutral combination with all types of food, except fruits, which should not to be mixed with any kind of food

These combinations represent a practical guide for composing a meal. Each number represents a menu for a correct meal. Different numbers should never be mixed. For example, we will never mix meat with dairy, nor with potatoes. Or bread with beans.

Other rules:

1. fruit should not be combined with any other food; they represent a separate meal of the day

2. sweets should not be combined with anything else; they represent a separate meal of the day

3. drink water at least half an hour before meal, or one and a half hours after eating

Other two rules which worked for me were having only fruit for breakfast and eating meals at fixed hours, without any snacks between them.

Marton Tunde also says: "A healthy lifestyle begins with your way of thinking. And when we have cravings, let’s not give our body what our mind is asking for, but rather what the body is asking for. These cravings are due to nutritional deficits.”

We should not ignore science proving that incorrect eating is responsible for many diseases, such as heart diseases, neurodegenerative illnesses, and is also responsible for our physical aspect.

The wise food choices we make have an effect on our overall well-being state. We will have a strong heart, a quick mind, nice skin, an energetic body, and a lively and trusting attitude.

Let’s not forget that moving is the most important part of a diet. Regular physical exercise helps us keep in shape our circulatory and respiratory systems.

Wouldn’t you like to wear your favourite dress or shirt again, that one that doesn’t fit you anymore? Would you like to keep your skin looking youthful, and your heart filled with energy for a longer time?

The benefits of following the right kind of diet will show us whether it’s worth it or not investing our energies into it.

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