What the perfect man looks like, from women’s perspective

I believe that all men have complained at least once in their lives about not understanding women at all. You can hear them discussing this among each other or even in front of you. We are conceited, impossible, difficult, moody, we don’t know what we want, we get bored easily and the list could be endless. Ah, and the list is very long when it comes to what we want from a man. Ever since we were little girls, we dreamed about the white knight, Prince Charming, who has all the qualities and is perfect in every way. But does the perfect man really exist? I am sure that every woman has created in her mind an ideal, a type without which it’d be hard to win her heart.

For those men curious about what women talk about when we meet, today I will reveal some answers from behind the scenes. How does a woman see the perfect man, what qualities does he need to have, how should he or should he not be? Here are some ideas from 5 girlfriends or future girlfriends and even wives – after you read their answers, you might guess. You will be surprised about the many common points in their answers. So, in the end, we’re not that complicated … we all want the same thing. Namely? Let’s discover together:


For me, perfection is quite a pretentious word. I find perfection to be the sum of imperfections which offer authenticity to people. The right man for me is, first and foremost, extremely honest, with a good sense of humour, calm (he can ground me), controlled, self-assured, open minded, extremely communicative (I believe that through open communication everything can be solved). A person who loves to try new things and keeps up with the trendsthe one having a balance in life to manage the situations that inevitably appear and, last but not least, to be caring (within common sense) with his close ones and respectful with any other person in general.


From my point of view, the perfect man needs to be sincere, to love unconditionally, be there for you no matter what, offer you kind words when you need them, advice and moral support. The perfect man should know that, although you are his, he must cultivate this relationship. It is up to him to keep the spark alive, especially in the case of a long-time relationship where other factors might interfere. He should be your best friend, so much so that he is the first person you want to share your news with.


Firstly, the perfect man needs to be really caring, protective, a very good friend and to be on the same wavelength about everything. You need to make a great team with him in all respects. I couldn’t stand him not supporting me in what I do or being a negative influence in my life. Moreover, there must be a pinch of dominance from his side, otherwise, I would get bored quickly.


I would like him to be a real man, not a boy, not to get scared of the sensitive moments in which he must provide encouragement, and to be responsible for his life. He should be caring, this is a must. I have to admit that a man who knows what to wear becomes much more attractive. He must love the woman next to him and decide if he wants to be a part of that relationship. If he is also a person with whom you can discuss, open-mindedly, then everything else becomes piece of cake.


I believe that every woman really knows what the “perfect man” means to us. This perfection is not based on his physical appearance, popularity, charm, or wealth, but on how perfect he is for us, perfect for our soul and our life. And yes, I believe that the perfect man exists, if we let God choose him for us – then perfection is built within the couple, the place where we find harmony, love, understanding, respect, peace, and together we can surpass all difficulties, through faith. What can be more beautiful than that? Let’s not allow society influence us, pushing us to a life full of superficial values and depression. Instead, let’s listen to the Divine Providence who whispers “Yes, he is perfect for you”. As an illustration of God’s principles a family was established in Eden, the home of our first parents. God made Eve perfect for Adam and also her husband completed her in every possible way.

A short recap. What does the perfect man look like? Besides charm and the fact that he must be caring, ah, and let’s not forget that he has to be well dressed, he must know how to offer unconditional love, not to be afraid to share his feelings and to become the best friend for his woman. What am I thinking?  I stated many times that the perfect man does not exist, at least not on this Earth. How did I come to realize this? He exists! But not how we imagine him, his imperfections build him and transform him into the puzzle pieces we need. And yes, we, women, are difficult, some more than others, but it’s clear that we always want more and more, and when we find it, we could still change something.

We spend our whole lives trying to change the people by our sides. We try to change him, he tries to change us and this cycle becomes routine for the couple. Instead of focusing all our energies on how we can change the man next to us, we should focus on the qualities which make us fall in love with him, make us love him more and more every day. And when your partner’s imperfections start to annoy you, think that many times the feeling is mutual. It is important to find the power to love unconditionally, in a world where more people ‘swipe left’ instead of committing. And do not forget that perfection is built together with the man next to you - it doesn’t come neatly wrapped-up in a gift box.

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