Limited blessings?!

The room’s door closes silently behind them. All the dishes are placed in the center of the room. Early in the morning, the children went to the neighbors to ask for empty pots, which they brought one by one into the house. After crossing the entire neighborhood, they returned home to their mother. The woman took the bottle of oil and brought it to the mouth of an empty pot. The liquid began to flow abundantly into the large pot until it was filled.

“Look, my children, it's a miracle! This vessel is completely filled. Quickly, give me another. Take this to the basement! Take care with the pot, now it’s so heavy. Both of you should hold it carefully!”

She continued to pour oil into the second vessel, the third and fourth...

“Give me another pot. I can’t find another empty one near me. Hurry up!”

“But mom, there are no more empty pots ‒ they’ve all been filled!”

It was then that the oil stopped pouring.


“Go around and ask all your neighbors for empty jars. Don’t ask for just a few!"

When the widow went to Elijah for help, she was in a really desperate situation. Her husband had died, leaving behind debts she had to pay for their freedom. As a good mother, the woman wanted to spare her children this sacrifice, so she went to God's prophet to ask for help. "What do you have at home?" Elijah asked. The woman told him she only had one small jar of olive oil. But this single vessel would become an endless blessing for the woman and her children.

God uses the little that we have to bless us, by multiplying it, to save us from our problems. However, sometimes we come to Him only when we find no other possible solution in our hands, when our strength is depleted. But God is our father so He adds plenty of blessings to the little we’re left with. The oil continued to flow, filling vessel after vessel, until none were left empty.

I want to add something else: God's blessings are endless, flowing abundantly. We humans are the ones who stop them. God is willing to keep offering until our cup overflows. He doesn’t want to limit Himself to any units of measure, to only one blessing, so He invites us to enjoy infinite miracles. Do not ask for just a few pots! Don’t limit your prayers when you come before God! Do not fight by yourself, when Someone is standing every day by your side!

Although the vessels were limited, although the oil ceased to flow, all that God provided was enough for the woman to pay the debts her husband had left behind. And not only that, but she and her children could live without a worry with the money left. It was not just a blessing for one day, but a blessing for life, a warranty full of care, protection and abundance.

“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness” (Lamentations 3:22-23).

Gather your empty vessels for God - He is ready to fill them!

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