When friendship leads to marriage

Are you at that age when your parents nag you to get married? If the answer is a defeated ‘yes’, then I think Kay Kuzma's book “Serious about Love” might come in handy.

For me, Dr. Kay Kuzma was revolutionary. I first found out about her through this book. However, Kay Kuzma is also well known as a motivational speaker on issues relating to education and family life. She is the author of dozens of books and has a Ministry named “Family matters” with the purpose of promoting strong family relationships and fighting against divorce and abuse. It’s important to mention that Dr. Kuzma has a Ph.D in Education, so she’s prepared to help both unmarried or married young people.

The first chapter of the book begins with the following question: "What Do You Want Out of Marriage?”. This causes the young reader to think of the reasons they want to begin this important new chapter and what their expectations are. The author writes about marriages that are far from ideal, highlighting the various facets of marriage. Throughout the following chapters, she gives examples of realistic situations anyone can face, but also solutions to overcome different problems.

I was very interested in the chapter "Qualities of a Great Date”, where the reader is encouraged to reflect on the qualities they expect to meet in their future partner. It's an opportunity for young people to figure out who they are, while trying to imagine the portrait of their dream partner.

I liked the fact that, at the end of each chapter, the author provides a section for questions that can be discussed between lovers or even with parents, in order to help teenagers become more responsible for this major step in their life.

There is also a chapter dedicated to the reader: "How to Be a Great Partner”. Dr. Kuzma emphasizes the idea that one shouldn’t focus only on the qualities of the other person - instead each should answer the question "Am I a good partner?", "Do I have the qualities to complete my lover?". Don’t forget that the happiness of a couple depends on both of you!

The book “Serious about Love” is worth reading with a pencil in your hand, taking notes along the way. The tips offered and defended by the author can guide us to happiness.