7 June Youth Alive

Seven-day readers. How to form a habit out of constant reading

Reading is a need, a pleasure, a torment, a joy, a way to learn, or a gate to rest. People read. Perhaps less than in the past, but the age of pages covered in words has not yet passed. From novels to...

7 June Youth Alive

Why do we (still) read?

We live in a society focused on consumption, that wastes all natural and human resources. Before we get the chance to consume, it consumes us. One of the most important resources that gets wasted today...

7 June Youth Alive

People change and, with them, books too

You read a book and feel like it's a play. Then you find out that it’s surprisingly not. You open a volume of poetry, but you have the feeling that you're actually reading prose. And what...

7 June Youth Alive

Additions and decisions

Let's do some math. When was the last time you asked yourself if 2 + 2 equals 4? Crazy, right? But what did George Orwell think when he wrote: "For, after all, how do we know that two and two...

7 June Youth Alive

The Power of a Dream ‒ the story of the first British woman physician

The power to overcome obstacles in the way of a target turns ordinary people into unstoppable forces. This could sum up the life of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, the first female physician and surgeon in...

7 June Youth Alive

How reading can make you smile

A typical day. You wake up in the morning, wash your face, have your breakfast, put your shoes on, and then the "madness" begins. Whether you’re off to work or to classes, wherever you...


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