Dare to change your methods

Maybe you feel like you’re swimming against the stream...

  • In one place. By „place” we can identify: a workplace which does not suit us and which does not offer any career possibilities; a faculty we chose because we lacked a goal and were pressured by our parents, and we have come to realize that we cannot identify with anything we’re taught there; a country we’re sick to work in for others year after year, without being able to develop ourselves; the list goes on. Did you realize that the place you are in doesn’t make you happy, doesn’t give you the possibility to improve yourself every day, and the only satisfaction you have is, perhaps, the financial one, for the moment? What’s your excuse? Find somewhere else to work. Although you’ll begin on a lower position, you can climb higher. Change your faculty. You will probably have to give some good reasons to your parents because “you had four years of high school to make a decision!”, but think that after a couple of years, you will be happier with your choice, without remembering the possible transient rebukes. Come back from a country that keeps you there to do the things it doesn’t want to do by itself, and go to a place where you can develop your own talents and skills to the max.

  • In one method. You’ve been struggling for years to achieve the same grades like the top student in your year, and you’re still on second place (even from the lower end, sometimes)? You try to lose weight through the expensive diet with pineapple or by starving yourself? You want to conquer someone’s heart using the same methods you’ve used before with other girls/boys and it doesn’t work? Change your method! God has given you an imagination, limited only by yours own boundaries! Search for things tried by others, which worked or not, read about the field where you got stuck and put your creativity to work!

  • In a relationship. You’ve been friends since forever. You’ve probably gone to the same kindergarten, school, church, you’ve shared the most intimate secrets, and you were inseparable. But now... you feel that you’re more out of sync than not, she keeps stuck in a routine, does not agree with you doing things differently, or for you to surround yourself with other people. Maybe you feel stuck in a relationship with a partner, and you feel that, despite the memories you share and the feelings you have for each other, you cannot develop together socially, spiritually, or academically. Or, a less acknowledged situation is when our own family is blocking our potential. They always have good intentions, but the attachment towards their own kids, the out-dated knowledge or their generation’s prejudices will motivate them to keep us in the same place, sometimes. I know it sounds drastic, but run away from these people! Not necessarily literally. And every time with a lot of tact! Some people in your life you must let go of forever, but others you might only need to remove from certain areas. It’s healthier to be alone, than in bad company. Why not surround yourself with wonderful people, who will support you, motivate you, and be there for you? Remember this: each of us becomes a reflection of the five people we spend most of our time with! Note: Even if it is easier for us to play the victim’s role, don’t forget that you can also be one of those people pulling others down. What makes you, in your relationships with others, a wonderful person? (think about it) We all confront methods or relationships that drag us down, on our path to success. I invite you to have the courage to act; I dare you to try new methods, and to have the courage to let go of those people who have already ended the mission they had to accomplish in your life! Probably, over the years, you will look back and realize that, despite how hard it was, the future deserves the best!

“To let go means to realize that some people [places or methods – I would add] are part of your past, but not of your destiny.” Dr. Steve Marabouli

I wish you a wonderful future! I recommend the book „The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing,” written by Marie Kondo, for a better understanding of the way in which we need to remove from our life things or relationships, as well as the impact that the physical or psychical surplus has on our lives.

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