23 January Youth Alive

Knowledge and power. Finding Forrester

Finding Forrester was one of the last films of Sean Connery, who had been retired for several years. At first glance, it is just a story about a high school student and his mentor, but the film tells more...

23 January Youth Alive

About lily pads and people – On Golden Pond

"You make me want to be a better man" — is the compliment that Jack Nicholson makes to Helen Hunt in As Good as It Gets. I would use that line to describe as such the movie On Golden Pond:...

22 January Youth Alive

Meeting with Joy. How a sensitive soul is born?

CS Lewis's personality is characterized by dynamism, sincerity and extraordinary creativity, visible in any of the books that may fall into your hands. You cannot wonder how did a such fascinating...

22 January Youth Alive

Guido, the giving tree – La vita è bella

"What it is, in your opinion, the best film ever?" a friend asked me some time ago. "Since I did not see all the films and that, anyway, there are many genres, as well as different tastes...

22 January Youth Alive

Factories of death and factories of justice – Judgment at Nuremberg

In 1961, director Stanley Kramer brought to the screen the drama Judgment at Nuremberg (the Nürnberg), of which action is set in 1948, the film is inspired by the trials that followed the Second World...


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